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Soap Poetry

It’s been a busy beginning to the year here at First Coast. I’ve spent these last few weeks getting a head start on spring cleaning and tackling some bigger projects. Cleaning to prep for cleaning. I started this work week by walking into the warehouse and immediately knew we got a new order of soap […]

Season’s Spirits: Steven’s Spooky Suggestions

In my previous post, I went over the oft-forgotten tradition of telling ghost stories around Christmas time. I had so many recommendations of books, short stories, and fiction collections, I wasn’t able to fit the rest of what I wanted in the post. Here I will go over some movies, TV shows, and episodes of […]

Ghosts of Christmas

Christmas is a holiday steeped in tradition. From the widespread tradition of decorating a tree to more localized family or personal traditions, most people who celebrate the holiday follow one tradition or another. In my opinion, the stranger the tradition, the more endearing. Sometimes a conscious effort is made to start a tradition, and others […]

OTR: Old Stories, New Ears

It was not long ago that I would turn my nose up to black and white movies, anything filmed before 1970 may as well have been Precambrian in my eyes, but I have recently developed a taste for older media in the last couple years. Once I found a few movies from that era that […]

Food + Drink Pairings

Warm drinks and food have been paired together for ages; the amount of different flavor combinations is endless. A snack and a caffeinated drink are a combo that many people enjoy daily. When I go shopping, I look forward to trying out a new snack to pair with something in my tea/coffee cupboard. I have […]