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Soap Poetry

Soap Poetry

It’s been a busy beginning to the year here at First Coast. I’ve spent these last few weeks getting a head start on spring cleaning and tackling some bigger projects. Cleaning to prep for cleaning. I started this work week by walking into the warehouse and immediately knew we got a new order of soap in. Our fulfillment area smells like a Bed Bath & Beyond for the first few days until you go noseblind to it.

Here are some lovely haikus about our soaps, written with love and effort and totally not thought up in my head as I scrubbed product bins. Totally not winging it. I hope everyone out there is having a great beginning to their 2022. If your year is off to a bad start, maybe a new bar of soap can help. When I’m in need of a change I love switching up the soap I use. It seems small, but sometimes a new scent can equate to a new attitude. Hope you enjoy, I’ll have a more traditional post next time!

Lavender Oatmeal Goat Milk

lavender lovely

goat milk complements it will


Eucalyptus Lemon

personal favorite

strong scented, unintrusive

smells so fuckin good


match made in heaven

cucumber and melon mesh

scent like a garden

Himalayan Salt

the Himalayas

mountainous: Everest’s home

salt lives there too, yo

Soap Poetry

Florida Sunrise

sunshine sunshine’s fine

it’s true, smells like a sunrise

citrus. orange. dope

Aloe & Calendula

moisturize yourself

subtle, floral, and pleasant

keep your skin healthy

Eucalyptus Hemp & Tea Tree

eucalyptus, yum

hemp? Tea tree? What a combo

lovely smelling suds

Cherry Almond

fruity and nutty

smells delightful anytime

unique scent profile

Burnt Orange & Patchouli

smells like a hipster

I mean that in the best way

a divisive scent

Soap Poetry

Mountain Air

whiff of fresh mornings

air clear, revitalizing

reminds me of home

Ylang Ylang Orange

mellow citrus bloom

natural pleasant and lovely

top notch smell goods, man

Citrus Cedar Sage

sage cedar citrus

spectacular mix of goods

rub a dub dub friend

Organic Peppermint Tea Tree

peppermint: spicy

feel reinvigorated

makes your skin go “ahhhhhh”

Activated Charcoal

it’s black for black’s sake

has benefits google it

suds that look like ink

Stay clean out there friends!

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