Kenyan AA Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee 1/2 LB

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When you think of an excellent, good-smelling, satisfying coffee – the size, density and the shape of the beans come into play. With Kenyan AA variety you know you cannot simply stop after one cup. The medium roasted, robust and sophisticatedly crafted coffee beans are revered for their highest grade on the rating scales; the sweetness merged with a pretty much complex, pungent note having all the attributes of a gourmet coffee cuppa.

Grown at an elevation of 3500-6800 ft, harvested during the months of October through December, this Kenyan marvel comes with a rich & intricate full-bodied flavor, and a hint of wine you will relish in your cup of gourmet coffee.

Most striking feature of Kenyan AA coffee is its depth and the layered variations, sharp acidity, fruity freshness and pungent smell. The brightly acidic taste co-exist with the earthly fragrance that gives it a sublime boost and that is the reason you will find everything here that can jolt up your senses.

The high-rated stature of Kenyan AA leaves you with the accentuated flavor, lingering the complex sweetness in your mouth that is a mingled aroma of berries, pineapple, kaffir lime, black currant and a hint of tropical harvests. The pungently citric, sublime, and good-bodied taste is something you cannot ignore. Darker in shade than other Arabica coffee varieties, they do not tend to be oily when roasted. With a modest hint of bitterness just needed in a good coffee, it leaves you no unpleasant aftertaste, and this is a supreme thing in your cup to pamper your taste buds.

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