Java Jampit Light Roast Coffee 1/2 LB

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In the late seventeenth century, the Dutch governor of India sent Typica seedlings from Yemen to the Dutch governor of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The Dutch wanted to grow their own coffee so that they could bypass the Arab merchants’ monopoly on the coffee trade. After a few poor harvests, the plants grew, and in 1711 the first coffee exports were sent from the island of Java to Europe by the Dutch East India Company. Dutch colonialists established large plantations on Java, and the island soon became the largest coffee supplier to Europe, and would continue to hold this distinction until the middle of the nineteenth century when it was eclipsed by Brazil. The island was virtually synonymous with coffee for many decades, and to this day coffee is commonly referred to as “java.”


Taste & Characteristics: 

Fragrances of chocolate malt, sweet black pepper, and pineapple pair with flavors of sunflower seed and sweet cashew butter. Oaky, soft, and delicate, this very balanced, sweet, rich cup features notes of lemon, sweet almond, and light honey.

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