Celebes Sulawesi Kalossi Light Roast Coffee 1/2 lb

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Sulawesi Kolassi coffee originates from the Sesean Mountains in central Sulawesi. The coffee grown in this region is grown at a much higher altitude than is common in Indonesia, which tends to focus on lower altitude Robusta coffee. For example, while most Sumatran coffee is grown as low as 800 meters above sea level, Sulawesi Kalossi is grown 1100-1800 meters above sea level. The area is humid and has just the right amount of rainfall needed to keep coffee trees healthy.

This region is famous for producing high quality coffee. The beans are grown in small quantities to give it a unique taste and flavor. They are, for the most part, not grown on large commercial plots. After the cherries are picked, the coffee beans are processed using the “wet-hull” method, common in Indonesia. The coffee cherries themselves are mashed to remove their husks and left to sit overnight with their mucilage still on the beans, until they are sun-dried the next day. The region is populated by the Toraja people, who have used this method for generations, believing it to remove the coffee bean’s acidity, while preserving the other flavors.

Sulawesi is a full-bodied coffee with a low acidity, and sweet, smoky, and spicy notes.

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