Brazilian Santos Medium Roast Coffee 1/2 LB

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Brazil has been leading in coffee production since the mid 1800's, and Oberon has the best coffee beans from Brazil's Cerrado region. It is grown in the Cerado region, which consists of grassy Savannah, scrublands, and gallery forest. It is found in the high, flat, central plateau of Brazil. The region is vast - it is three times the size of Texas. This means that there is plenty of room for coffee trees to grow and prosper. Cerrado has an extremely high biodiversity, which is positive for any ecosystem, and extra beneficial to the coffee bean. The flat terrains of Cerado as well as its distinct wet and dry seasons equate to ideal conditions for the care of ripening coffee trees. Coffee farmers know exactly when the perfect time to harvest is, as the cherries tend to ripen at the same time. This leads to perfection of the growth of the Brazilian Santos Oberon coffee bean, commonly referred to as the Queen of Brazilian coffee beans.

Taste & Characteristics:

Characteristics of this legendary bean include a balance of the three main characteristics of coffee: acidity, body, and sweetness. There is also a nutty, dark chocolate flavor that can be tasted while indulging upon a cup of this coffee. You may experience a fruity after taste, leaving you with a full experience of coffee perfection.

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