Root of Happiness Premium Solomon Kava 1/2 lb

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Root of Happiness Solomon Kava Powder is for those who enjoy the peppery taste and knockdown power of a good Vanuatu Kava...times 2.  It is a premium noble variety with a desirable 243 chemotype and an 8% total lactone content. Our Solomon Kava is exported from select farms and chosen for its high Noble Kavalactone content. Solomon Island Kava is known for its strongly sedating properties and this Kava does not disappoint.  Its strong peppery flavor leaves the mouth numb, indicating its formidable potency.  This is a specialty Kava that comes around every few years. Enjoy it while it lasts!  Other, cheap varieties of Solomon Kava Powder that we have tested have proven to be Tudei Chemotypes that are high in Flavokavains.

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